Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving wandering

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I spent some of the weekend working on genealogy on both sides of my family. On Friday, my mom and I went up to the Fresno cemeteries on Belmont Ave. We wandered around for awhile and Mom found the Steele family plot. (We knew it was there somewhere). The plot is in the "old Catholic cemetery", which is Calvary Cemetery. It is located on Belmont Ave. with all the other cemeteries, just west of highway 99. If you are on Belmont Ave. facing south towards the cemeteries, the Calvary section is in the middle of two sections of Mountain View Cemetery. There are a pair of gates that say "Calvary" halfway back from Belmont Ave. to the back fence and the railroad tracks. Just the gates are there, the rest of the area isn't fenced. The Steele plot is southwest of the Calvary gates. So, who is buried there? John Steele (1849-1912) and his wife Rosa (1857-1938) (my great-great grandparents) and their sons, John (1891-1978), David (1899-1938) and Richard B.(1897-1986) and his wife Laura (1899-1991). Andrew and Claire are buried at St. Peter's, and Joseph and Emma are at Holy Cross. Does anyone know where their sister Mary is buried? Her husband was Burt Church, but I don't know if he was a Burton or a Robert or Herbert and I can't find any records on him.