Thursday, May 5, 2022

Mirth at Los Gatos

You just never know what you will find about your family when you start searching newspapers.  The social notices or "society pages" contain great details about the lives of our ancestors.  I found this article in the San Francisco Examiner at  It was published on May 2nd, 1900, 122 years ago.  It details an outing of the Young Men's Institute, which is a Catholic men's fraternal organization founded in San Francisco in 1883. Eight members of my family are listed among those attending the event: Mrs. A Doherty (Ann), my 3rd great grandmother, her son,  J. (John) Thomas Doherty, my 2nd great-grand uncle, his sister Mrs. E (Ewen) Davidson (Eliza), my 2nd great grandmother, and her sister Mrs. L (Louis) Levenberg (Lillie), my 2nd great-grand aunt and the wife of their cousin William McKeon, Mrs. W (William) McKeon (Jeanette), along with the ladies' 3 children, Edna McKeon, age 1, Loretta Levenberg, age 2 and Claire Davidson, my great-grandmother, age 3.