Monday, November 28, 2011

Mariam Keshishian and Her Four Generations

This wonderful picture was taken on May 10th, 1920.  My grandmother, Dorothy Basmajian Paloutzian, is seated on the ground, third from the left.  Interesting fact:  My grandmother and her two cousins also in the photo, Zabel and Violet Zaillian, married three of the Palouztian brothers; Ed, Vern and Roy.
The writing on the bottom of the photo translates as "Mariam Keshishian and her four generations.  May 10 1920.  Fresno."  Mariam was born around 1840 in Turkey, and died in Sanger, CA on 18 July, 1925.

Front Row (Sitting):

George (Cal Jack) Basmajian; Mike Basmajian; Dorothy Basmajian Paloutzian; Erch Basmajian Kazarian; Leo Chooljian; Astig Chooljian Murachanian; Maron “Mike” Chooljian; Lilly Zaillian Bushnell; Mae Zaillian Perch (Lilly and Mae are Nishan and Hosanna Zaillian’s daughters. Their children Mary and Jim were not born at the time of this photo); Doris Kershaw Richards; Paul Kershaw; Pearl Kershaw; Albert Kershaw; Ruth Kershaw; Gladys Shishmanian Karabian; Violet Zaillian Paloutzian; Bertha Tusan Minasian; Dick Tusan. Eddie Mekealian.

Center Row (Sitting):
Nishan (George) Zaillian; Hosana Zaillian; Helen Basmajian – holding Margaret Basmajian Pashayan; Mary Badigian Basmajian; Zoren Zaillian Garabedian; Bidzar or Bidzarchali Chooljian (Sister of Nishan Chooljian); Gadar or Gadarchali Keshishian Chooljian; Susie (Susie Mama) Keshishian Zaillian; Mariam Keshishian*; Khatoun Ouzounian**; Lucia Basmajian Shishmanian; Rose Shishmanian Zaillian – holding Zabel Zaillian Paloutzian (Rose’s son, Sarkis “Ray”, was not born at the time of this photo); Roxie Shishmanian Parichan; Anna Basmajian Tusoosian; Aznive Tusoosian Mekealian; Arestakes Mekealian – holding Archie Mekealian.

Back Row (Standing):
Horine (Khoren) Basmajian; Dikran (Richard) Basmajian; Peter Garabedian; Murgrdich Chooljian; Nishan Chooljian***; Giragos Chooljian (Husband of Gadar and father of Nishan Chooljian and Bidzar Chooljian); Charles Kershaw; Paul Kershaw; Garabed (Adjam) Ouzounian; Thomas Shishmanian; Maron Zaillian (Older brother of Nishan seated at left end of center row); Harry Tusoosian and his sons Leo Tusan and Carl Tusan.

*Mariam Keshishian’s three daughters are beside her. On the left is Gadar Keshishian who was married to Giragos Chooljian, and Susie Keshishian who was married to Sarkis Zaillian. On the right is Khatoun Keshishian who was married to Kervork Basmajian, and after he died, she married Adjam Ouzounian. Mariam's sons are Paul Kershaw (he changed his name from Keshishian) and Peter Kershaw (not in photo) and Jacob Keshishian (not in photo).

**Khatoun Ouzounian’s first husband was Kervork (George) Basmajian. Her children from Kevork are Dikran Basmajian, Horine Basmajian, Lucy Shishmanian and Anna Tusoosian.

***Nishan Chooljian’s wife, Zevart, was not in the picture. Their daughter, Jessie Chooljian Garry, and their twin sons, Carl and Kenneth Chooljian, were born after the time of this photo.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mary Basmajian's obituary translated from Armenian

Mary (Mariam) Badigian Basmajian (1886-1957).
Many thanks to Arevik of who completed this translation.  The notes in brackets are mine.  Here is the original article.
Ms. Mariam T. Basmajian's death

Ms. Mariam Tigran Basmajian had a sudden death on February 25th in her Fresno apartment, surrounded by her family and doctor.
Funeral was at 10AM on February 27th at the Saint [Holy] Trinity Church, with the presence of a crowd of both genders. The casket of the deceased was covered with flowers. Church service was done by priest Der Babgen Gasparian and Senior “Sarkavag” Hrach Dzerkoyan.
Talented Ms. Henriet Devejian sang "To the upper Jerusalem". A eulogy was given by Der Hayr.
Then the casket of the deceased was transported to Ararat Cemetery, where a eulogy was given by P. Khosrov Badikian.
After the funeral the husband and children of the deceased served a requiem dinner (hokejash) for her memory in the church hall to more than 90 people.

Biography: Ms. Mariam Basmajian was born in Baghech Sultik town [Bitlis Sultanate] on January 10th, 1886 to Hovhannes and Margarit Badikian.
She came to the US with her mother and brother Vartan in 1907 and settled in Fresno.
Miss. Mariam Badikian got married to Digran Basmajian in March of 1908, creating a happy and honorable family, always fitting to the famous Badikian name of sacrifices and honesty.
She had two daughters and two sons. She was married for fifty years, being a kind and honest mother.
She was a happy and hard working person, treating her children and husband the same, often filling her eyes with tears of happiness.
The deceased Ms. Mariam was a member of Saint [Holy] Trinity Church Union of Women, Union of Baghech's Orphan care and Verashinats Union of Tigranakert.
The deceased Ms. Mariam Basmajian is leaving a kind name and a real mother's memory. Her death is being mourned by husband Digran Basmajian, sons Mihran [Mike] and George Basmajian, two daughters Ms. Aghavni Balutsian [Dorothy Paloutzian] and Ms. Yerjanik Ghazarian [Erch Kazarian], two daughter-in laws and seven grandchildren, as well as her brother and his wife Vartan and Rozi [Rose] Badikians and many relatives and friends.

A relative

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zaillian Family Photos

I wanted to share some photos I scanned on one of my visits with Gloria Perch Attoian almost a year ago.  This first picture we believe is Susie Keshishian Zaillian, aka "Susie-Mama".  Can anyone else verify that information?  I wonder where and when this photo was taken.  Maybe in Turkey, or upon her arrival in the U.S.?  Notice she has some reading material in hand, and a watch (?) pinned to her dress.  Does anyone know Susie's Armenian first name?

We think this picture is of Hosanna Tutunjian Zaillian's mother, based of some group photos that Gloria had of Hosanna's family.  Gloria had thought this was the picture of Susie-Mama.  Isn't it interesting that she is posed writing on a tablet?  Maybe she was a teacher?

Here is Nishan (George) Zaillian as a young man, he was Susie's oldest of the three boys, Nish, Maron and Yesneak.

This is Mae Zaillian Perch, Nishan's second child and Gloria's mother.

Another photo of Mae.  I can see Gloria in this photo.

Nish and Hosanna Tutunjian Zaillian.  According to the 1930 census record, they were married in 1907.  He was 20 and she was 15.

Maron and Rose Shishmanian Zaillian.  They were married in 1911; He was 22, she was 19.  Rose was my grandmother Dorothy Basmajian Paloutzian's first cousin, and Maron was her first cousin, once removed (first cousin to my great-grandfather Dikran Basmajian, Dorothy's father).  Maron and Rose's daughters Violet and Zabel also married Paloutzians, my grandfather Ed's brothers, Roy and Vern.

Nishan George Zaillian