Monday, March 31, 2008

1898 Great Register of Voters

I sent for and received a copy of the 1898 Great Register of Voters for the Sommersville Precinct of Contra Costa County, CA. Line number 90 reads:
Still, John
occupation: miner
age: 49
height: 5' 4"
complexion: dark
eyes: gray
hair: dark
marks or scars: top little finger right hand off
country of nativity: Austria
residence: Somersville
naturalized: May 23, 1896, Contra Costa County Superior Court

It isn't until the 1910 US census that his name is written as John Steele. John is the father of Andrew Steele (Chickie), and the grandfather of Betty Golden (my grandmother). That makes him my great-great grandfather.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Karen Golden!