Monday, October 18, 2010

Paloutzians and Torigians

I've been working on scrapbooking and identifying photos recently. This photo has writing on the back, in Armenian, and I requested a translation at .
The only people I can identify for sure are Goohar Paloutzian (standing at the far left), and Tatevos Paloutzian (standing 3rd from the right), and their 5 sons at the front right: Ed, Frank, Ernie, Roy and Vern. Since the name Torigian was mentioned, I have compared this photo to another picture of the Torigian family (also from Parchanj), and I think the 2nd woman on the left is Tourvanda Torigian, and the man on the far right is her husband Markar Torigian.  Can anyone identify anyone else?

The translation I received:

On the left side there is a name along the date:

Garabed Torigian - 1919 July ...

On the right side:
On July 13 participated ... Garabed Torigian ... ( I think here it says birthday, but I am not sure)

This is Markar and Tourvanda Torigian and their sons Antranig (Trigger), Madiros (Martin) and Nish, taken about 1925.