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Saturday, March 21, 2020

John H. Golden Stops Thieves

A recent subscription to Newspapers.com has provided lots of entertainment as of late.  I will probably be posting lots of clipped articles, with commentary, in the coming months.  This article was printed in The Anaconda Standard (Anaconda, Montana) on 15 May 1896.  The subject of the article is John Henry Golden, my great-grandfather (my mother's father's father). He was 23 years old at the time, single, and living with his sister, Winnie Dolan and her family at 511 Cherry St., Anaconda.
(Here is another post about the house.) He worked as a clerk for "Joseph Peters, clothing, boots, shoes, gents' furnished goods, hats, caps, gloves, underwear, etc. 24 Main".  I have interpreted "vag" as being short for "vagrant".  Enjoy!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Goldens in San Francisco, Part 2

Uncle Con Murphy, Aunt Marg Murphy, my grandfather Bob Golden, my great-grandmother Anna Murphy Golden, Dan Murphy

Last time we left off with Aunt Marg Murphy's 2 years of living in San Francisco, the first of the family to do so.  But we're supposed to be talking about Goldens in San Francisco.  During the time Aunt Marg was living there, at 846 Bush St. and later 305 23rd Ave., family lore has it that Marg's older sister Anna Murphy Golden had a spat with her husband and left Butte with the younger children.  This is confirmed by an entry in the 1928 San Francisco City Directory which lists "Golden, John H (Anna) h305 23d av" Here is what it looks like now.
And here is another bit of evidence: a photo of my grandfather, Robert E. Golden. On the back is written "May pageant, 1928. Alamo School, Robert E. Golden."  And where is Alamo School? 250 23rd Ave., San Francisco, CA  Just a 2 minute walk 305 23rd!
Bob was 10, his younger sister Margie was 7, and his brother Paul was 13.  I don't have anything to show that Paul was in San Francisco, but I assume Margie probably was, just because she was younger. How long did they stay? Not sure. The family story is that Grandpa John Henry drove out and picked up his wife and children. In the 1929 San Francisco directory, Aunt Marg is still listed as living at 305 23rd and working for Mack Truck, but there isn't a listing as clear as the 1928 one for Anna.  There are a couple of A. Goldens, and a Mrs. Annie Golden, but not at a familiar or nearby address.
By 1930 the census has everyone back in Butte, including Aunt Marg.  Well, except for John Henry, Jr., known as Jack.  He was in Washington, DC, attending Georgetown Medical school.  He boarded at 1431 Clifton St. NW which still looks like a pretty nice place to live.
This is his entry in the 1930 Domesday Book, the Georgetown yearbook.
Jack met his wife Julia Clements in Washington, DC where her father was a physician as well. Jack and Julia were married in San Francisco at St. Cecelia's Church on June 29, 1931.  So, why did they get married in San Francisco when her family was in Washington, DC?  Presumably he had starting working and she came out to join him. I think I need to do some more research before I continue with the story.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Goldens in San Francisco

I wanted to try and determine what originally brought the Goldens to San Francisco as it is quite important to our family history.  My grandparents, Bob and Betty, met in San Francisco, so really, the connection to the city is key to my existence!  I also wonder how Mame Towey figures in all of this, as she ended up in San Francisco as well, and the question is, did the Goldens already know her, or did they meet there.
So, let's meet all the players and develop a timeline.
We are talking about the family of John Henry Golden, Sr.(1873-1949) and Anna Honora Murphy Golden (1883-1958).  These are my great-grandparents.  John Henry was born in Ireland and came to the U.S. in 1889, first to Helena, Montana and then to Anaconda and eventually Butte, where he and Anna were married in 1904.  Mary Agnes "Mame" "Yonovera" Towey was a cousin/family friend/patient whose connection to the family hasn't been quite determined, but her family, the Toweys and the Goldens came from the same area of Ireland-Ballaghadereen, County Mayo (now Roscommon).
The first record I have of any of the family connection to San Francisco is actually not Mame or any Golden, it is a Murphy.  Margaret Murphy (Aunt Marg) was Anna's younger sister and in the 1920 census, she is living with John Henry and Anna in Butte at 1101 W. Broadway.  From the stories I have heard, she was a great baker.  She made the family Christmas fruitcake (a tradition still on-going) and my Mom and her cousins and siblings have memories of amazing Parker House Rolls.  Anna and Marg's sister Ellen died in 1919 at the age of 28, and their father, Michael Murphy died in April 1920.  The 1918 Butte City Directory lists Murphy, Margaret clk Heilbronner r 1101 W Bway and the 1923 directory has her there still.  But, in 1926, we find her in the San Francisco City Directory, the listing being "Murphy, Mrgt clk Mack Internatl Motor Truck Corp r46 Bush". How do we know this is the same person? Aunt Marg's obituary has details:

That just ties all the details together, doesn't it?  Her last San Francisco directory listing is in 1929, and in the 1930 census record she is back in Butte.  There is more to this story that needs uncovering though.  Family lore tells of a suitor she was not allowed to marry, and there are whisperings of a romance in San Francisco and certainly the Stock Market Crash of October 24, 1929 must have had a part in her return to Butte.  But sadly, no verifiable facts. Now, Anna and Marg's sister Christine died in Yakima, Washington in September 1929, but that doesn't seem like a reason she would return to Butte.  I also have questions on why she went to San Francisco in the first place.  It seems so far away, and I wondered what travelling there was like in 1926.
So, besides being the sister of Anna Golden, what does Aunt Marg's excursion to San Francisco have to do with the Goldens' connection to that city? Stay tuned for The Goldens in San Francisco, Part 2, coming soon!

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Irish Family in Early San Francisco

This is my great-great-great grandmother, Ann McLaughlin Doherty (1835-1915), who lived at 35 Elsie St. We believe that is the location of this photo. She is recorded at this address in the 1907 San Francisco City directory. She lived here until her death. Her son John continued to live there through the mid-1930's. Her daughter, Ann Doherty Coxe, lived next door at 33 Elsie with her husband Edgar and son William. She lived here until her death in 1921. In the 1930 census John is listed at 55 Elsie with his nephew William living next door at 53 Elsie. I am wondering if the street was re-numbered. In 1936, at the time of John's death, he was living with his sister Mrs. Elizabeth Levenberg at 55 Elsie.
Ann was born in Ireland, about 1835.  Her sister Kate also came to the United States and lived in San Francisco as well. Ann and her husband Roger Doherty had arrived in New York by 1861, for the birth of their son, William. Daughter Ann was born in New York in 1865.  Ann and Roger had four more children: Mary, Elizabeth, Lillie and John, all born in San Francisco, CA.  From at least 1880 to
after 1890 the family lived at 823 Harrison. Roger died in 1891 and was buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery, which was located between Masonic and Parker, and Geary and Turk.  He was later "removed" to Holy Cross in Colma, (no actual remains were found to re-bury).
Ann and family lived on Harriet St.; I found listings at both 17 and 45 Harriet.  After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the family relocated to the Bernal Heights neighborhood, which is the Elsie St. address shown in the picture above.
Ann's oldest grandchild was my great-grandmother, Claire Davidson Steele, a.k.a. Mammy (1897-1993).
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish family!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paloutzian photo update

I have updated the information on the Paloutzian family photo taken at Peter Thompson's (Bedros Paloutzian) ranch in Selma, CA circa 1918.

Here is that original post: 52 Paloutzians

Friday, February 14, 2014

A 110-year-old Love Letter

Happy Valentine's Day!  The photo above is of my great grandparents, Juvar and Tatevous Paloutzian, Juvar's sister Aghavni (Dovie) Tatoian and Juvar's parents, Altoon and Giragos Tatoian.  The photo was taken c. 1905.  Juvar and Tatevous were married 30 Nov 1905, in Fresno, CA; this photo likely commemorates that event.  Juvar would have been 20, Tatevous 23, Dovie 10, Altoon 37 and Giragos 42.
Tatevous was born in Parchanj, Turkey in 1882 and came to the U.S. in 1901, when he was 18.  Juvar was also born in Parchanj, in 1884, and had come to the U.S. in 1903, just two years prior to this photo.

This is a letter that Tatevous wrote to Juvar during their courtship.  The date on the letter is May 30, 1904.  My cousin Mary Shamshoian, whose grandmother was Juvar's sister Agnes, had this letter, and I was able to scan it when we visited.  I am so thankful to her for sharing!
My friend Houri Vartanian and her mother were very kind to translate it for me.  Here is their translation:

To Miss Juvar Tatoian

My kind lovely adorable. It is night. Everybody is asleep at this moment. But me, after a hard workday, I came to write you a heartfelt letter. Once again I want to share with you my wish and dream. 

My adorable, first let me tell you about our short visit on Sunday.  Even our smallest desire went unfulfilled. My days fly by like months.  All day, even in my daily duties, you are on my mind. My whole mind is possessed by your love. I know not if I am the like in your head. 

I work so hard but I never feel tired because I have you my exceptional adorable.  Always having you in my heart I find the cure for my ailments. 

And again my wish and desire is this. For you to continue to learn because the story is in your hands. If it isn't boring, please try to learn. Endure and do so continuously. Because this is critical and important for you as it is for me.  If you love me sincerely, continue. 

Likewise you should know that my pain and your pain are both my pain. There is no difference between us. And again I beg you that every week you learn at least "forty" words. As you learn so do I.  Maybe next Sunday when I visit I will find that you have learned this much. As I have nothing else of importance to write, I grant my sincere and loving greetings to you, your father and your mother. Also, with my sincere and loving greetings, I kiss their hands. And I send my greetings to Aghavni whom I miss.  

And with a kiss to you, I finish this letter... Chained to your heart, I remain your friend. 

T. H. Paloutzian

Although your name is familiar to many, your love is a slingshot to my heart. I am the only one close to your heart. You cause the wounds of my heart to dissolve. 

This is our address
T Paloutzian
Route 6
Fresno CA

I think he must have been talking about learning English.  My father has told me that my great grandfather read newspapers in English and Armenian daily, but that his grandmother did not speak English very well, if much at all.  The 1920 census says she does not read and write (in English), but the 1930 census says she does.  I hope she read Armenian so that she could read this for herself!

Thanks so much Mary, Houri and Mrs. Vartanian!  I am so grateful!!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I thought I should tell you the rest of the story. Here are Juvar and Tatevous and Dorothy and Ed's 25th wedding anniversary, in 1962. They had 5 boys; Ed, Ernie, Frank, Roy and Vern. And 12 grandchildren. And 21 great-grandchildren. And 25 great-great grandchildren. In this picture she is 77 and he is 79. They were married just shy of 60 years when grandma died, 28 Oct 1965. Grandpa lived to be 95 years old; he died 13 Feb 1978.  

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mariam Keshishian and Her Four Generations

This wonderful picture was taken on May 10th, 1920.  My grandmother, Dorothy Basmajian Paloutzian, is seated on the ground, third from the left.  Interesting fact:  My grandmother and her two cousins also in the photo, Zabel and Violet Zaillian, married three of the Palouztian brothers; Ed, Vern and Roy.
The writing on the bottom of the photo translates as "Mariam Keshishian and her four generations.  May 10 1920.  Fresno."  Mariam was born around 1840 in Turkey, and died in Sanger, CA on 18 July, 1925.

Front Row (Sitting):

George (Cal Jack) Basmajian; Mike Basmajian; Dorothy Basmajian Paloutzian; Erch Basmajian Kazarian; Leo Chooljian; Astig Chooljian Murachanian; Maron “Mike” Chooljian; Lilly Zaillian Bushnell; Mae Zaillian Perch (Lilly and Mae are Nishan and Hosanna Zaillian’s daughters. Their children Mary and Jim were not born at the time of this photo); Doris Kershaw Richards; Paul Kershaw; Pearl Kershaw; Albert Kershaw; Ruth Kershaw; Gladys Shishmanian Karabian; Violet Zaillian Paloutzian; Bertha Tusan Minasian; Dick Tusan. Eddie Mekealian.

Center Row (Sitting):
Nishan (George) Zaillian; Hosana Zaillian; Helen Basmajian – holding Margaret Basmajian Pashayan; Mary Badigian Basmajian; Zoren Zaillian Garabedian; Bidzar or Bidzarchali Chooljian (Sister of Nishan Chooljian); Gadar or Gadarchali Keshishian Chooljian; Susie (Susie Mama) Keshishian Zaillian; Mariam Keshishian*; Khatoun Ouzounian**; Lucia Basmajian Shishmanian; Rose Shishmanian Zaillian – holding Zabel Zaillian Paloutzian (Rose’s son, Sarkis “Ray”, was not born at the time of this photo); Roxie Shishmanian Parichan; Anna Basmajian Tusoosian; Aznive Tusoosian Mekealian; Arestakes Mekealian – holding Archie Mekealian.

Back Row (Standing):
Horine (Khoren) Basmajian; Dikran (Richard) Basmajian; Peter Garabedian; Murgrdich Chooljian; Nishan Chooljian***; Giragos Chooljian (Husband of Gadar and father of Nishan Chooljian and Bidzar Chooljian); Charles Kershaw; Paul Kershaw; Garabed (Adjam) Ouzounian; Thomas Shishmanian; Maron Zaillian (Older brother of Nishan seated at left end of center row); Harry Tusoosian and his sons Leo Tusan and Carl Tusan.

*Mariam Keshishian’s three daughters are beside her. On the left is Gadar Keshishian who was married to Giragos Chooljian, and Susie Keshishian who was married to Sarkis Zaillian. On the right is Khatoun Keshishian who was married to Kervork Basmajian, and after he died, she married Adjam Ouzounian. Mariam's sons are Paul Kershaw (he changed his name from Keshishian) and Peter Kershaw (not in photo) and Jacob Keshishian (not in photo).

**Khatoun Ouzounian’s first husband was Kervork (George) Basmajian. Her children from Kevork are Dikran Basmajian, Horine Basmajian, Lucy Shishmanian and Anna Tusoosian.

***Nishan Chooljian’s wife, Zevart, was not in the picture. Their daughter, Jessie Chooljian Garry, and their twin sons, Carl and Kenneth Chooljian, were born after the time of this photo.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mary Basmajian's obituary translated from Armenian

Mary (Mariam) Badigian Basmajian (1886-1957).
Many thanks to Arevik of ArmenianAncestry.com who completed this translation.  The notes in brackets are mine.  Here is the original article.
Ms. Mariam T. Basmajian's death

Ms. Mariam Tigran Basmajian had a sudden death on February 25th in her Fresno apartment, surrounded by her family and doctor.
Funeral was at 10AM on February 27th at the Saint [Holy] Trinity Church, with the presence of a crowd of both genders. The casket of the deceased was covered with flowers. Church service was done by priest Der Babgen Gasparian and Senior “Sarkavag” Hrach Dzerkoyan.
Talented Ms. Henriet Devejian sang "To the upper Jerusalem". A eulogy was given by Der Hayr.
Then the casket of the deceased was transported to Ararat Cemetery, where a eulogy was given by P. Khosrov Badikian.
After the funeral the husband and children of the deceased served a requiem dinner (hokejash) for her memory in the church hall to more than 90 people.

Biography: Ms. Mariam Basmajian was born in Baghech Sultik town [Bitlis Sultanate] on January 10th, 1886 to Hovhannes and Margarit Badikian.
She came to the US with her mother and brother Vartan in 1907 and settled in Fresno.
Miss. Mariam Badikian got married to Digran Basmajian in March of 1908, creating a happy and honorable family, always fitting to the famous Badikian name of sacrifices and honesty.
She had two daughters and two sons. She was married for fifty years, being a kind and honest mother.
She was a happy and hard working person, treating her children and husband the same, often filling her eyes with tears of happiness.
The deceased Ms. Mariam was a member of Saint [Holy] Trinity Church Union of Women, Union of Baghech's Orphan care and Verashinats Union of Tigranakert.
The deceased Ms. Mariam Basmajian is leaving a kind name and a real mother's memory. Her death is being mourned by husband Digran Basmajian, sons Mihran [Mike] and George Basmajian, two daughters Ms. Aghavni Balutsian [Dorothy Paloutzian] and Ms. Yerjanik Ghazarian [Erch Kazarian], two daughter-in laws and seven grandchildren, as well as her brother and his wife Vartan and Rozi [Rose] Badikians and many relatives and friends.

A relative

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zaillian Family Photos

I wanted to share some photos I scanned on one of my visits with Gloria Perch Attoian almost a year ago.  This first picture we believe is Susie Keshishian Zaillian, aka "Susie-Mama".  Can anyone else verify that information?  I wonder where and when this photo was taken.  Maybe in Turkey, or upon her arrival in the U.S.?  Notice she has some reading material in hand, and a watch (?) pinned to her dress.  Does anyone know Susie's Armenian first name?

We think this picture is of Hosanna Tutunjian Zaillian's mother, based of some group photos that Gloria had of Hosanna's family.  Gloria had thought this was the picture of Susie-Mama.  Isn't it interesting that she is posed writing on a tablet?  Maybe she was a teacher?

Here is Nishan (George) Zaillian as a young man, he was Susie's oldest of the three boys, Nish, Maron and Yesneak.

This is Mae Zaillian Perch, Nishan's second child and Gloria's mother.

Another photo of Mae.  I can see Gloria in this photo.

Nish and Hosanna Tutunjian Zaillian.  According to the 1930 census record, they were married in 1907.  He was 20 and she was 15.

Maron and Rose Shishmanian Zaillian.  They were married in 1911; He was 22, she was 19.  Rose was my grandmother Dorothy Basmajian Paloutzian's first cousin, and Maron was her first cousin, once removed (first cousin to my great-grandfather Dikran Basmajian, Dorothy's father).  Maron and Rose's daughters Violet and Zabel also married Paloutzians, my grandfather Ed's brothers, Roy and Vern.

Nishan George Zaillian

Monday, November 8, 2010

John Thomas Doherty

I decided to spend the rainy Sunday doing some genealogy, so I went over to http://www.sfgenealogy.com/ to see what was new.  They are always posting new resources there, and yesterday I was in luck!  I found San Francisco Mortuary Records, scanned images of records from several San Francisco mortuaries, all indexed.  Since I have several family branches in San Francisco, I started plugging in names to see what would turn up.  I found a record for John Thomas Doherty (1876-1936). 

John was the youngest child of Roger and Ann Doherty, my great-great-great grandparents.  I did not have the date of his death, so it was great to find this record.  There is also a lot of information that I already had that is further confirmed by the same information in this record from the funeral home.  His parents' names are confirmed as Roger Doherty and Ann (McLaughlin) Doherty.  The order for the funeral was given by Mrs. Elizabeth Levenberg, John's sister, better know to us as "Peeps".  Their address is given as 55 Elsie St., San Francisco.  This is in the Bernal Heights neighborhood.
I had John's birth date from his WWI draft registration card and it is confirmed here as 18 Jun 1876.  He died at San Francisco Hospital of carcinoma of the esophagus and bronchopneumonia.  I found a record for one other relative, Blanche Davidson Rommel (1881-1949), the younger sister of Peeps' first husband (and my great-great grandfather), Ewen Davidson (1872-1898).  Ewen was Claire's (Mammy) father.  I'll keep looking!