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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Basmajian Easter 1984

Easter 1984 at Joann and Pete's.
From left to right:
Joann Kazarian Seeley, Auntie Vee Basmajian, Cindi Kazarian, Mark Bujulian, Auntie Erch Basmajian Kazarian, Robert Paloutzian, Tom Paloutzian, Michelle Paloutzian, Jeanne Paloutzian, Pete Seeley, Uncle George Basmajian, Tim Seeley, Auntie Arlene Paloutzian Bujulian holding Joy Paloutzian, David Kazarian, Merlin Kazarian, Adam Paloutzian, Denva Kazarian, Stacy Bujulian, Gary Kazarian, Uncle Frank Kazarian, Matthew Seeley and Uncle Harry Bujulian.

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