Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not everything in my mailbox is a bill!

Look what I got in the mail:
This is John Henry Golden's (1873-1949) death certificate from the county of Silver Bow in the state of Montana (Click to enlarge).  Of course, it didn't just arrive in my mailbox on it's own; I did have to send for this record.  The information on death records is only as good as what the informant knows.  In this case, the informant was Paul D. Golden, son of the deceased.  The year of birth given is 1872.  I have been using 1873, as that is what John Henry wrote on his naturalization papers.  Since I haven't been able to locate his Irish birth or baptism record, I don't know that I can verify which is the correct year.
John Henry's parents' names are also given; Tom Golden and Mary Coleman, more confirmation of that information.
The cause of death listed is apoplexy due to arteriosclerosis.
Other information includes his burial at Holy Cross Cemetery in Butte on 23 June 1949.

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