Sunday, April 20, 2008

Find Bert, Find Mary

In February I wrote about finally finding Bert Church's death record. You can read about that here. Bert was the husband of Mary, the sister of my great grandfather, Andrew "Chickie" Steele. Bert and Mary didn't have any children of their own; Bert had a son from his previous marriage. I hadn't been able to find a death record for Mary, nor did I have her birthdate, and I have just been so curious about what happened to her.
So one day several weeks ago I got the bright idea to call up the cemetery. I was home from work early, and now I had Bert's full name and birth and death dates. I just made an educated guess and called the Holy Cross cemetery office in Fresno. They actually have access to the records for all three Catholic cemeteries. And, yes, Bert Church is buried at Holy Cross, in section D, plot 68, #7. So I asked about Mary, and yes, she is buried "next door" in #8! I asked for her death date; she died 24 Aug 1968, 4 days after her brother Andrew. I still can't find her California death record, so maybe she didn't die in California.

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