Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New friends, old pictures

I made a connection this week with Alan Ouzoonian, a fellow genealogy researcher. While we aren't related, our families knew eachother and were friends. I wanted to share some photos with him that are (mostly) not identified, so I thought I would post them here as well.

There was a note on this wedding photo, and I got an English translation:
Mr. and Ms. Kar-ean(k)*
we are giving -- to you as a memory of Mr. and Ms. Ba(ou)la(ou)ltsian**.
Year of 1921

* unfortunately I can't distinguish the fourth letter and am not sure if the last letter is k.
** not sure if it says Baloultsian, Balatsian, Bouloutsian or Boulatsian. ou or a are not very distinguished... (I, Michelle, am guessing Paloutzian)

Armenian in English letters:
Ter yev tikin Kar-ean(k)
knvirenk -- i hishatak
Ter yev Tikin Ba(ou)la(ou)ltsiani
1921 tvin
The wedding picture was taken in Boston.

This photo above of a woman had a note on the back and my mom had written a translation that she thinks she got from Auntie Louise Paloutzian that says "May 22, 1923, A gift in remembrance of your grandmother Toorvanda (Theresa) Kachadooryan of Perchanj." So, it is a grandmother of a Paloutzian or a Tatoian, maybe.

I think the man above could be Giragos Tatoian.

The photo above reminds me of Tatevous Paloutzian.


  1. Thank you for posting these photos; they all share a certain strong beauty. The names are beautiful, too - I developed a fondness for Armenian names when I went to school in the Boston area (I used to pass by 6 or 7 Armenian-owned funeral homes when I would drive to and from classes).

  2. The clothing in the photos says so much. How interesting.
    Thanks for correcting my plant name in my post. I had a little mind slip there. After all how many plants start with the letter E?
    I know, I know. You can tell me and there are probably lots. Lol.