Monday, October 18, 2010

Paloutzians and Torigians

I've been working on scrapbooking and identifying photos recently. This photo has writing on the back, in Armenian, and I requested a translation at .
The only people I can identify for sure are Goohar Paloutzian (standing at the far left), and Tatevos Paloutzian (standing 3rd from the right), and their 5 sons at the front right: Ed, Frank, Ernie, Roy and Vern. Since the name Torigian was mentioned, I have compared this photo to another picture of the Torigian family (also from Parchanj), and I think the 2nd woman on the left is Tourvanda Torigian, and the man on the far right is her husband Markar Torigian.  Can anyone identify anyone else?

The translation I received:

On the left side there is a name along the date:

Garabed Torigian - 1919 July ...

On the right side:
On July 13 participated ... Garabed Torigian ... ( I think here it says birthday, but I am not sure)

This is Markar and Tourvanda Torigian and their sons Antranig (Trigger), Madiros (Martin) and Nish, taken about 1925.

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  1. Hi Michelle!
    I'm the administrator of the Armenian Genealogy group on Facebook.
    My great grandmother's sister, Was the second wife of Assadoor Kevorkian of Parchanj. His first wife, Yeghisabet Torigian was also from Parchanj. She was born in July of 1871 and died Dec. 29
    , 1900 in Malden, Massachusetts.
    Surely, she's related to your Torigians from Parchanj.