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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Missing information - do you know?

A few of the many pieces of information I don't have:

wedding anniverary dates for:

  1. Peeps and Pop Levenberg
  2. Ernie and Mary Paloutzian (11 Sep 1932)
  3. Frank and Louise Paloutzian
  4. Roy and Violet Paloutzian
  5. Vern and Zabel Paloutzian
  6. Jack and Julia Golden, 29 Jun 1931 (Thanks, Fr. Paul!)
dates of death for:
  1. Miriam Keshishian (d. 18 July 1925)
  2. Peter Thompson (brother of Manoug Paloutzian) (d. 24 Oct 1936)
  3. Harold (Paloutzian) Paulson, b. 1903 (d. 14 Sept 1999)
  4. Ann Doherty (mother of Peeps, Elizabeth Levenberg) (d. 14 Oct 1999)
  5. John Thomas Doherty (brother of Peeps) (d. 5 Dec. 1936)
  6. William P. Doherty (brother of Peeps)
updated 11 Nov 2010

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