Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the beginning...

I've been wanting to communicate more with my family about our family tree and the genealogy work I've been doing. When I discover new things, I like to share! And also, you can help me out with any information you have. Please share this blog with anyone in our family!

My tree is on; if you'd like to see it, send me an e-mail and I'll send you an invitation to view the tree.

I work on different branches of my family as I find new information, and one piece of information can lead to others, and that will keep me going in a direction for awhile.

On Memorial Day this year, my parents, Grandma Golden, Aunt Bernadette and I visited our relatives at cemeteries in Fresno. We "collected" digital pictures of headstones on both sides of my family and I added those to the tree on Ancestry. I also found the headstones of Giragos and Altoon Tatoian at the Ararat cemetery in Fresno. They are my great-great grandparents; my paternal grandfather's maternal grandparents (Ed Paloutzian's mother's parents).
A few weeks ago at my cousin Becky Golden-Harrell's wedding, I was reintroduced to Bill Golden, son of Walter, Jr. He was able to provide some information I didn't have about his family, and that led me to do some more digging on the Golden side. Ancestry recently added a California marriage and divorce index (from the 1960's-1980's, so somewhat helpful), and I found some useful records there.
Random Google searches also turn up interesting things. I found Keith and Ellen Golden's wedding pictures on Ellen's blog recently and was able to add Keith's siblings to my tree. Keith is the son of Jim Golden, and grandson to Jack Golden.
As always, I am pleased to hear from everyone, and especially if you have family information I am missing.


  1. This seems like a good place to mention a site that I've been playing around with,

    It's not quite a genealogy site, but you can create a family tree and include peoples' emails, so it could be useful as a way for families to keep in touch. I've got a basic family tree started there.

    It doesn't have a research component, so it's limited to the information that you have at your disposal, but it's collaborative, so anyone can add to it. It could be described a genealogy-related social-networking site.

    - Rob Paloutzian

  2. I created a Golden family website through jotspot. I sent email inviting family members. Thanks for assembling the list and starting the process.

    I'm not familiar with You can decide whether that or is better.

  3. Hi Ellen and Rob, thanks for your input. I think since Ellen already has started the Goldens on, we'll just stick with that for the Golden family. I tried to sign up there, but apparently they were just accquired by Google and are working on the site right now. Rob, we can use for our immediate family (children and grandchildren of Bob and Betty), or for Dad's side of the family. I haven't checked it out yey, do you have a link to what you've done?

  4. You should be aware that there was a history written on the village of Parchanj. It was originally written in Armenian, but was translated into English by Arra Avakian in 1984 (Village of Parchaj: General History 1600-1937 by Manoog Dzeron). Page 46-47 of the ENglish translation contains the family tree of the Paloutzians (Paloutsvonk).

    George Aghjayan

  5. Thank you George; we do have that book, and it is an amazing resource! We are so blessed that all that history has been recorded!