Monday, July 23, 2007

Would you like to contribute?

My brother Robert has set up a family website on for our family, meaning both Paloutzians and Goldens. He took the information from my tree on (thief!! just kidding, we're all about sharing information here!) It doesn't have the research component and document attachment found on Ancestry, but it does have several really fun tools. There is a map feature that shows all your relatives either by birthplace, or current location. There is a calender feature that allows you to see everyone's birthdays and anniversaries. Anyone who has been invited can add to their profile and upload pictures. I also like the way you are able to scroll around the tree. It is all very easy to use.
Speaking of pictures, photos can also be added to the Ancestry site. If you add pictures to the site, I will copy and add them to the Ancestry tree for you. Also, if you have been invited to Ancestry by me (and if you want an invitation, just let me know) I have upgraded your status to contributor. This allows you to add pictures and leave comments. If you haven't visited the site, besides the basics of names and dates, I have added references and documents such as US Census records, birth and death notices and military records.
And please do leave comments on Ancestry if you see something missing, or incorrect. Add your birthday, anniversary, name of spouse or children, etc.
As always, please share this blog, and with other members of our family who have not yet received notice of what we've got going on.

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  1. It's true, I've been siphoning your info from Ancestry over to Geni. :) Thanks for doing the legwork! Geni has pretty good potential as a family communications hub, if everyone's contact info is up to date. Hopefully folks can correct some of the omissions on my part. It's pretty exciting to think of the potential of our collaborative efforts.