Friday, August 17, 2007

Finding Pearl

Pearl Paloutzian (b. 15 Aug 1900 in Turkey) was the oldest child of Manoug Paloutzian and his second wife Mary Parvanian. Pearl was married to Merial Shakerjian sometime before 1920, as the 1920 census record shows them living together in Fresno. They had a son, Benjamin, but the marriage didn't last. By 1930 Pearl and Ben were living in Los Angeles with her parents.
I hadn't been able to find out when Pearl died because I couldn't find a death record for a Pearl Paloutzian or Pearl Shakerjian. I was sharing this information with my parents when they provided a most valuable clue: She had shortened her last name to Shaker! And no one had bothered to tell me they were harboring this information! Anyway, I found Pearl Shaker's death record. She died in Los Angeles county 19 Apr 1976.

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