Sunday, August 5, 2007

The other Thomas Paloutzians

I had the information from uncle Ernie Paloutzian's family tree, and I had come across the records on Ancestry, but today I finally put it all together and worked out where Thomas (Toumas) Paloutzian, (born in Harput, Turkey in 1870), fit into our family tree.
Thomas' father was Armenag. One of Armenag's brothers was Asadoor (Their father was also named Toumas.) Asadoor had 4 sons, Manoug, Hovhannes, Bedros (Peter) and Kachadoor, all who came to California. That makes Thomas (b. 1870) and Manoug first cousins. Manoug was the father of Tatevous, my great-grandfather.
Thomas and his family lived in California as well, moving from Fresno county to the Los Angeles area between 1920 and 1930. His wife was Martha, and they had 6 children, only the oldest was not born in California; Yeranhouy (b. 1892 in Turkey) married Tateous Apkarian and had 5 children in California: Nergis, Asadoor, twins Vahan and Vartan, and Zabel; Armenhouy (b. 1901) married James Der Hagopian and had at least 2 children, Ralph and Virginia; I'm not sure if Armen (b. 1902) married, Higie (b. 1904) married a man named Kamler, Dickranhoui (b. 1906) married a man named Paul, and Zari (b. 1908) married a man named Adanalian. I haven't located any other grandchildren of Thomas and Martha.
There is one more Toumas, and he was a first cousin to Armenag, being the son of Armenag's uncle Garabed.

On another note, I have been adding marriage and divorce records from the 2 newest data bases on Ancestry: the California marriage database (1960-1985) and the California divorce database (1966-1984). This has been very helpful for family members in my parents' generation.

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