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52 Paloutzians

I've updated the information in this photo.
Paloutzian Family Photo, c. 1918
Peter Thompson’s Ranch, Selma, CA

Front Row (children, seated, left to right):
2. Haig Thompson (son of Peter)
4. Peter Thompson, Jr. (son of Peter)
5. Clara Thompson (daughter of Peter)
6. Dickranouhi Paloutzian (daughter of Toumas)
7. Zarouhi Paloutzian (daughter of Toumas)
8. male
9. male
10. Louise Paloutzian (daughter of Hovhannes)
11. Virginia Paloutzian (daughter of Kachadoor)
12 Leo Paloutzian  (son of Kachadoor)
13. Jack Paloutzian (son of Kachadoor)
14. Art Paloutzian (son of Kachadoor)

Middle Section (left to right):

1. Ogda (Yughaper) Barton (wife of Charles Barton, Ogda was a cousin or half-sibling to Manoug, Hovhannes, Peter and Kachadoor))
2. Aroot (Harry) Paloutzian (2nd cousin to Manoug, Hovhannes, Peter and Kachadoor)
3. Peter Thompson (Bedros Paloutzian)
4. Mabel (Hnazant) Thompson (wife of Peter)
5. Helen Thompson (daughter of Peter)
6. Martha Paloutzian (wife of Toumas)
7. Toumas (Thomas) Paloutzian
8. Manoug Paloutzian 
9. Oscar Paloutzian (son of Manoug)
10. Mary Parvanian Paloutzian (wife of Manoug)
11. Andy Paloutzian (son of Hovhannes)
12. Hovhannes (John) Paloutzian
13. John Paloutzian, b. Apr 1915 (son of Hovhannes)
14. Jean Paloutzian (daughter of Kachadoor)
15. Kachadoor Paloutzian
16. Audrey Paloutzian (daughter of Kachadoor)
17. Ernie Paloutzian (behind Roy) (son of Tatevous)
18. Roy Paloutzian (front) (son of Tatevous)
19. Tatevous Paloutzian (son of Manoug)
20. Vern Paloutzian, b. Dec 1915 (son of Tatevous)
21. Frank Paloutzian (son of Tatevous)

Back Row (left to right):

1. Mary Barton (daughter of Charles Barton)
2. Soren Thompson (son of Peter)
3. Agnes Thompson (daughter of Peter)
4. Queenie Thompson (daughter of Peter)
5. Ernie Thompson (son of Peter)
6. Haigouhi Paloutzian (daughter of Toumas)
7. Armenouhi Paloutzian (daughter of Toumas)
8. Armen Paloutzian (son of Toumas)
9. Harold Paloutzian Paulson (son of Manoug)
10. Harry Paloutzian Thompson (son of Manoug)
11. Effrosini Paloutzian (wife of Hovhannes)
12. Queenie Paloutzian, b. Dec 1916 (held by Effrosini, daughter of Hovhannes)
13. Beatrice Paloutzian (wife of Kachadoor)
14. Lucille Paloutzian (daughter of Manoug)
15. Pearl Paloutzian (daughter of Manoug)
16. Juvar Paloutzian (wife of Tatevous)
17. Edward Paloutzian (son of Tatevous)

Manoug Paloutzian (b.1861), Hovhannes Paloutzian (b. 1862), Peter Thompson (b. 1874), and Kachadoor Paloutzian (b. 1877) are brothers. Tatevous Paloutzian is Manoug’s oldest child, and from his first marriage to an unknown woman. Toumas Paloutzian is a first cousin to Manoug, Hovhannes, Peter and Kachadoor.
Ogda (Hagopian) Barton’s mother’s maiden name was Paloutzian.
Charles Barton's name was Garabed Der Arisdagesian)
Three of the unnamed boys are George, Socrates and Peter Paloutzian, Hovhannes' sons.
Here I've added the names to the picture:
 Just saw that I made a mistake in this photo.  Dickranouhi and Zarouhi in the front row are not Thompsons.  They are Toumas' daughters.

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  1. Michelle,

    I have that same picture in my living room. Khachadoor Paloutzian was my grandfather. I have some of the names that are missing and Ernie Paloutzian did his own geneology before he passed away. I have it somewhere and would be very happy to share it with you.

    If you ae interested in visiting the places where our ancestors came from there is a person in Souther CA who has been doing personalized "pilgrimages" for about 25 years, but this is supposed to be his last year. I went in 2010 and was able to visit Palu, Kharpert, and some other places that were of interest to me. Eastern Anatolia is a very beautiful place and worth seeing to find your history and to see how our ancestors lived.

    Give me a call at 831 636 0248 if you are interested in more about the trip possibilities.

    Best wishes,

    Ray Garabedian