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What I know about Mariam Keshishian

In order find more information about my great-great-great grandmother, I needed to put together what I know so far.

I started with the 4 generation family photo dated 10 May 1920. This tells us she was alive in 1920 and in California.
1900 US Census
The earliest census record I can find of the family is in 1900. They are living at 6 Prescott Ave., Chelsea Ward 5, Suffolk, Massachusetts on 14 June 1900. Here are the details of the census record:

Head of household: Jacob Keshishian, born in Turkey Sept 1864, age 35, married 13 years, arrived 1887, occupation: weaver
Catherine, wife, born in Massachusetts Oct 1868, age 31, married 13 years, bore 2 children (2 living)
Charles, son, born in Massachusetts March 1898, age 2
Ester, daughter, born in Massachusetts May 1900, age 1 month
Peter, brother of head of household, born Aug 1874 in Turkey, age 25, married 2 years, arrived 1898, occupation: weaver.
Mary, sister-in-law to head of household, born Dec 1883 in Turkey, age 16, married 2 years, 0 children
Mary, mother to head of household, widow, born Nov 1844 in Turkey, age 55, bore 8 children (7 living), arrived 1898

Mariam’s other children in 1900: Khatoun arrived at Ellis Island 7 Nov 1899 with her husband and 2 sons. In 1900 they were living on Main St., Paterson Ward 8, Passaic, New Jersey. Gadar crossed into the US from Montreal, Quebec, Canada in Mar 1907 with her children. Paul and Susie are living on Chestnut St., in Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts with Nish, Maron, and Yesneak, having arrived in 1894. I have no records for Arschalous.

1910 US Census (and other records)
I have no record for Mariam in the 1910 census. In 1910, Khatoun is living in Sanger, CA with her family. Jacob leaves Liverpool, England on 1 June 1900 with son Charles and arrives in Philadelphia with a final destination of 57 Central St., Milford, Massachusetts. where Paul is living (last name is now Kershaw). Gadar is living with husband and son at 139 Spruce St., Chelsea, Ward 4, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Susie and her sons are living in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. A 7 Sept 1910 naturalization record for Peter has him living at 4 Prescott Ave., Chelsea, Massachusetts with wife Mary. (His WWI draft registration card dated 12 Sept 1918 has him living at 230 Chestnut St., and his wife is Anoush (Peltigian) Both the 1910 and 1918 records have his birth date as 26 March 1874.)

1920 US Census
15 Jan 1920. Mary Keshishian lives on K St. in Sanger, CA. Her age is listed as 85. Khatoun and Paul live in Sanger. I cannot locate a 1920 record for Jacob, he might have died by this time, but I haven’t located a death record either. Jacob’s children Charles (Kershaw) and Lucy (is this Ester from 1900??) are both in the Sanger area. I cannot locate either Gadar or Susie in the 1920 Census, but their children are in Fresno County by this time. Peter, his wife Anoush, and children Ann and Mike are living in Massachusetts with Peter’s in-laws.

Death Records
The only death record I have been able to locate that is a close match is of Marry Kishisian, who died 18 July 1925, in Sanger, CA On the death certificate, her birth is listed as 16 June 1845. Amazingly, her parents’ names are listed, but the name of the informant is not. Her parents are recorded as Garabed Kiaetlian and Toma Ouchlookian. It says she has lived in California for 11 years (since 1914), and in the US for 17 years (since 1908). I don’t know if that is correct, because of the 1900 census record I have (I find it hard to believe that record isn’t of this family, too many coincidences). The 1920 Census has an arrival date that looks like 189_ (it is a bit blurry). Place of burial is Bethel Cemetery. This matches up with the cemetery records at the Sanger district office, which manages the Bethel Cemetery. They have records for a M. Keshishian and a Mary Keshishian, seeming to indicate that there are 2 plots with Keshishians. At the cemetery, there is only one headstone, and it reads, “Manoosh Keshishian, 1844-1925”. Here is the entry on that subject, with pictures.

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  1. I followed your blog through Carrie's and I just wanted to say that you are doing an incredible job! The stories, the photos...very inspiring. So cool!