Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Goldens in San Francisco, Part 2

Uncle Con Murphy, Aunt Marg Murphy, my grandfather Bob Golden, my great-grandmother Anna Murphy Golden, Dan Murphy

Last time we left off with Aunt Marg Murphy's 2 years of living in San Francisco, the first of the family to do so.  But we're supposed to be talking about Goldens in San Francisco.  During the time Aunt Marg was living there, at 846 Bush St. and later 305 23rd Ave., family lore has it that Marg's older sister Anna Murphy Golden had a spat with her husband and left Butte with the younger children.  This is confirmed by an entry in the 1928 San Francisco City Directory which lists "Golden, John H (Anna) h305 23d av" Here is what it looks like now.
And here is another bit of evidence: a photo of my grandfather, Robert E. Golden. On the back is written "May pageant, 1928. Alamo School, Robert E. Golden."  And where is Alamo School? 250 23rd Ave., San Francisco, CA  Just a 2 minute walk 305 23rd!
Bob was 10, his younger sister Margie was 7, and his brother Paul was 13.  I don't have anything to show that Paul was in San Francisco, but I assume Margie probably was, just because she was younger. How long did they stay? Not sure. The family story is that Grandpa John Henry drove out and picked up his wife and children. In the 1929 San Francisco directory, Aunt Marg is still listed as living at 305 23rd and working for Mack Truck, but there isn't a listing as clear as the 1928 one for Anna.  There are a couple of A. Goldens, and a Mrs. Annie Golden, but not at a familiar or nearby address.
By 1930 the census has everyone back in Butte, including Aunt Marg.  Well, except for John Henry, Jr., known as Jack.  He was in Washington, DC, attending Georgetown Medical school.  He boarded at 1431 Clifton St. NW which still looks like a pretty nice place to live.
This is his entry in the 1930 Domesday Book, the Georgetown yearbook.
Jack met his wife Julia Clements in Washington, DC where her father was a physician as well. Jack and Julia were married in San Francisco at St. Cecelia's Church on June 29, 1931.  So, why did they get married in San Francisco when her family was in Washington, DC?  Presumably he had starting working and she came out to join him. I think I need to do some more research before I continue with the story.

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